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Anonymous: Do you miss anyone or anything?

Some times

posted 1 day ago

Anonymous: You seem like a badass. How would you get over a terrible relationship/breakup?

I am a bad ass ;) hah hah, hmmm last time a girl broke up with me i sat and listened to break up music and then surrounded myself with good friends. Eventually the right one just comes around, I promise you.

posted 2 weeks ago


This is the kind of shit you see in Thailand… no joke


*walks past a mirror*

*walks back*

you got kik?

posted 5 months ago


Greatest MMA GIF of all time (that isn’t from a fight)?
via r/MMA

posted 5 months ago

Anonymous: Hey, you seem like a wise person and I'm in need of advice. Care to help? :)

Ask away anon :)

posted 5 months ago

coming mother!


Its so fucking cool to make people dance to moombaton at parties and shit. Holy fuck being a dj is fucking awesome yeeeeeee.